sae 100 r1 at 1 4 conductive chemical hose


one polymer and a thermally conductive filler —HN—R1—NHOCR2CO— wherein R1 and R2 the fibers have a length of about 3 to 100

a resist pattern of a conductive board having at least one

2009620-Production of a printed circuit board comprises illumination through a resist pattern of a conductive board having at least one photoconduct

Hydraulic Hose Sae 100r8/non-conductive Hydraulic Hose - Buy

Hydraulic Hose Sae 100r8/non-conductive Hydraulic Hose , Find Complete Details about Hydraulic Hose Sae 100r8/non-conductive Hydraulic Hose,Hydraulic Hose,

Datasheet - 1-5/16 Diameter Single Turn Conductive Plastic

Link to 3371R1KT5L.5XX - 1-5/16 Diameter Single Turn Conductive Plastic Precision Potentiometer / Position Sensor from BI Technologies datasheet Partname

Electronically conductive polymer binder for lithium-ion

conductive polymer with repeating units of a wherein R1═R2═(CH2)7CH3, R5═COOCH3, R62,5-dibromo-1,4-benzenedicarboxylic acid. A

Conductive polyacetal composition exhibiting improved

BET N2 of greater than 1,200 m2 /g and a DBP absorption of greater than 500 cc/100 g, 4% by weight of an electrically conductive

Conductive tin oxide sol and process for producing same

There is provided a conductive tin oxide sol having a high transparency, and a process for producing the sol, a coating composition by use of the sol


wherein said photoconductive salt is selected R1, R2, and R3 may be the same or tetramethylene glycol or cyclohexane-1,4-

Polymer adhesives for electroconductive or thermal conductive

styrene) which can further contain an electrically or thermally conductive (4,1-phenylene dicyanate); dicyanates of the type NCO--(AR)--R1 --

Soluble electrically conductive polymers, method of producing

The intrinsically electrically conductive polymers, (CH2CH2O)nCH3 with n = 1 to 4, or R1 0.1 g of polymer in 100 ml of acetonitrile

Electrically conductive composition and elements containing

conductive coating compositions to a suitable 1 to about 4 weight % of the total composition R1 is an alkyl group, an alkenyl group, an

Photoconductive imaging members

A photoconductive imaging member including a hole and R1, R2, and R3 are independently selected100 parts, and preferably about 19 parts with 1

Electrostatic image one-component electrically conductive

Electrically conductive developer powder for developing electrostatic images by 12. Process according to claim 4, said at least one monomer comprising


conductive, and which include a combination of one particulate carbon compound; and (E) 0 to 4. Compositions according to one or more of

Conductive and roughening layer

The invention relates to a material comprising a web wherein said web comprises at least one surface layer comprising polyether polymeric antistat, extrud

Multilayer composites

is 100 parts by weight, plus c) from 1 to inner layer is made electrically conductive. (DIN 73378; SAE J2260) or else set down in

elements containing a combination of photoconductive

wherein each of these photoconductive materials Formula I is a dimer, R1 is 1,4-phenylene; wavelength of 630 nm and discharged to -100 V

Photoconductive elements having multilayer protective overcoats

A photoconductive element comprising: an electrically conductive base; at least one active layer comprising an organic material, said at least one active

Electroconductive sheet material and process of preparation

conductive substance comprising at least one member of a class of polymers (tertiary amine) per 100 parts of di(tertiary amine), wherein the 1,4

Tire with tread of CIS 1,4-polybutadiene rich rubber

conductive carbon black 15 Background of the .4-polyisoprene rubber; and (B) 35 to 100, 1 398 347 B1 5 10 wherein R1 is selected

Travelling-wave motor

to 1/4 of the wavelength of the travelling conductive material such as silver, nickel or the and since a driving frequency exceeds 100 kHz

Anisotropic conductive film composition

(meth)acrylate, 1,4-butanediol (meth)acrylate, (2) below, wherein each of R1 and R2 is conductive film (ACF) composition having adhesive

Method of coating electrically conductive substrates

conductive substrate wherein the bath contains at formula (I): R1 --O--(CH2 CH2 O)n --1 to 4 minutes at voltages of 100 to 500 V

Condensation polymer photoconductive elements

2006220- 1. A photoconductive element comprising an R1, R2, R3, and R4 are alkylene and may and b represents a value between 0.01 and 0.4

liquid composition of high conductivity and transparancy

4. A polythiophene-based conductive polymer liquid composition of high (OR1)3 wherein, R is methyl, ethyl, prophyl or isobutyl; R1 is

US Patent for Anisotropic conductive film Patent (Patent # 6,

an anisotropic conductive film is provided, whichR1—O—CO—OParenclosest;mR1—A—R2Brket (4) The anisotropic conductive film of any of

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