19mm w p 20 bar static dissipative chemical hose

Reticle pod and reticle with cut areas

such that movement of the load bar causes the a support 18 for a reticle base 20, a lowerstatic dissipative, carbon fiber-filled polycarbonate

Static dissipative electrical cable

A static dissipative electrical cable which eliminates the build-up of triboelectric charging by having a carbon loaded outer jacket which is a semiconductor

Self-adjusting static dissipative shelf assembly

A pair of self-adjusting shelf assemblies, each made from static dissipative material and mounted in spaced relation in a storage chamber. Each assembly

Static dissipative polymeric composition having

The invention provides semi-conductive, static dissipative polymeric compositions comprising: an insulating polymeric resin; a first antistatic particulate ma

Adjustable, conductive body strap

bar around which said second end of said strip 20 and the second end 24 of the strip of material, preferably nylon or static dissipative

breay, clifton, p

also referred to as a static dissipative is a flame bar shape having dimensions of 6(commonly about 20 to 30 wt%) of the glass

Bleed resistor for minimizing ESD damage

dissipative resistor applied over a specified area chemical-mechanical-planaraization (CMP) of the 20, which provide electrical connections in

Static dissipative nonwoven textile material

static dissipative nonwoven textile material has a the need for chemical and temperature resistance 20 mm water gauge, for use in gas stream

Solid state ESD footwear

A static dissipative shoe which is provided utilizes a polymer material embedded therein, so that the handling, shipping and storage of integrated circuits

Flexible intermediate bulk container

static electricity accumulating in the flexible, dissipative lifting loops and/or conductive 20. A flexible intermediate bulk container


2001124- whereby the grounding device dissipates static mm to 50 mm and a height of 4 mm to 20 static dissipative material such as polypropyle

Electro-static dissipative zirconia

Electro-static dissipative or ESD materials must possess sufficient conductivity to allow for the dissipation of static charges while maintaining enough

ralf p. maroney

A pair of self-adjusting shelf assemblies, each made from static dissipative material and mounted in spaced relation in a storage chamber. Each assembly


(37) with static dissipative chemical coated onto said polyester layer (35) 20. The static shielding multilayer film (30) as claimed in claim 19,

Multiple-ply anti-static paperboard

A multiple-ply anti-static paperboard having a layer of high-carbon content fiberboard sandwiched between two plies of anti-static material, the anti-

Static dissipative electronic packaging article

Static dissipative electronic packaging article United States Patent 5609969 Abstract: The invention comprises a self supporting electronic packaging article

Transparent static dissipative formulations for coatings

20-40% of a solvent or emulsion type resin,resin (Vitel 2200 available from Shell Chemical that is well within the static dissipative range

Static dissipative bonding material for multilayer fabrics

A mono- or divalent anhydrous metal salt is complexed with a compatible polyether polyol and formulated in a static dissipative, 100% solids, reactive hot

Electrostatic dissipative composition

Thermoplastic compositions are provided which have electrostatic dissipative properties. The thermoplastic composition is prepared by combining at least the


000 $g(m)m and being used in the amount of 0.1 to 20 % by weight STATIC-DISSIPATIVE COMPOSITION AND PANEL MANUFACTURED THEREWITH TECHNICAL FIELD

Textile treated with fluorochemical-containing soil release

domains.20For this purpose we write pi= +(ri)uni- form solutions to the dissipative structures.(P, .P,) = (3,14.8) the static pattern

Bistability, Autowaves and Dissipative Structures in

Bistability, Autowaves and Dissipative Structures inbar- ium titanate ceramics [11-16], for [20], and for other types of barium titanate

Coating compositions comprising alkyl ketene dimers and alkyl

September, 2000 CONDUCTIVE OR STATIC DISSIPATIVE Chemical Technology, 3rd ed., Vol. 9, pp. for example 35 or 20 dry lbs./ton acrylic

Single use fiber optic connector end face cleaning device

16 d/ZO FlG.4 12 t 20 1 12\JL i\ \v material or may have a static dissipative in a chemical resistant package (foil) 40

asher pravin p.

bar is used to remove static charges prior to 20.0 64.2 1.02 387.0 5.7 × 10820/80 22 PRAVIN P.;LILLY, ROBERT L.;DAVENPORT, GROVER

Static dissipative vinyl sheet and film

static dissipative composition comprising: (a) Chemical America, grades of Conductex® from 20.0 1 × 105_____________________

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