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"Building bridges through media relationships."

"Building bridges through media relationships."



  • To present and produce edifying, non-confrontational, quality RADIO and VIDEO INTERVIEWS as well as professional RADIO NEWS BULLETINS and PROGRAMMES.
  • To produce VOICE-OVER WORK of a superior quality.
  • To WRITE good quality NEWSPAPER and MAGAZINE ARTICLES as well as BLOGS and NEWSLETTERS - with a view to informing, empowering, promoting and/or entertaining the reader and/or his/her/their organisation.
  • To conduct PUBLIC SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS in as professional a manner as possible.

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Move from anonymity and obscurity to a place of empowerment and opportunity.

Let MEDIA RENDEZVOUS promote you, your business or your organisation through the medium of radio, video, voice-overs, print, events, blogging and/or on public speaking platforms.